After 15 events, The Festival of Genomics & Biodata has become a beloved and highly valued meeting for participants. Here’s a small snapshot of what previous attendees had to say…

The Festival of Genomics & Biodata is an event that I look forward to attending and speaking at every year

Sue Hill, Chief Scientific Officer, NHS England

I’m excited to meet with people from all areas of the genomics community—researchers, patients, clinicians and more—to make connections and accelerate the implementation of precision medicine.

Mark Wanner, Director, Research Communications The Jackson Laboratory

Buzzing talks, cutting-edge posters and spearheading technologies. Looking forward to future events!

Juri Kazakevych Epigenomics Application Specialist Diagenode

I am really glad and honoured to have being invited to participate in this festival. Last year, I had seen on my Twitter a feed about how the festival was. Sadly, it had already passed and I couldn’t participate, so I got really excited when I was invited to participate in a panel, especially because I can get to know top people in the field of genomics and share the efforts we are making in this field in my country.

Roselyn Lemus, Manager of Drug Development and Genomic Research, Landsteiner Scientific

The Festival of Genomics is always something I look forward to.

Mike Hubank, Scientific Director, NHS England Genomics Health Hub

FoG is one of the best networking events in the calendar; its an opportunity to meet up with and discuss the evolving Genomic tech market in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere

Miles Collier Director of Sales EMEA at Cantata Bio

FOG brings together various stakeholders in the field of genomics in an open, accessible setting that encourages interaction, connection and cross-fertilization of ideas.

Prashant Mali, Assistant Professor of Bioengineering, University of California, San Diego

As scientists we have a duty to present and share our work with our community. The Festival is an excellent way to interact with our friends and colleagues, both in academia and industry, a gateway to disseminate and learn about new ideas and approaches, and an opportunity to explore new breakthroughs and collaborations. We all work in the exciting field of genomics and it is a pleasure and a privilege to be part of this great community!

Jeanette McCarthy, Adjunct Associate Professor, Duke University Adjunct

The festival is a great place to celebrate the mysteries of the genome.

Brendan Keating, Assistant Professor, Depts of Surgery (Division of Transplantation) and Pediatrics, University of Pennsylvania

It is the best platform to learn how Industries can come together with academia and make pathbreaking discoveries. Also, we learnt a lot about the latest trends in the field of genomics. It is the most practical conference I ever participated in where everyone is brainstorming, learning and sharing without much of a free food distraction. Thank you!!

Festival of Genomics is a fantastic event combining best in class research and developments across academia and industry - one not to miss.


The community that gathers at the Festival of Genomics represents a unique opportunity to build relationships, create collaborations, learn, and brainstorm potential solutions to the most important issues in biologic sciences and pharmaceutical industry.

Jamie Dananberg, CMO, UNITY Biotechnology

This is a great way to make a connection with other individuals in the field and understand diverse perspectives on the future of this area of research.

James Christensen, CSO and SVP Research, Mirati Therapeutics

The festival is a unique take on collaboration and discussion across the genomics field. I’m excited to network and interact on a larger scale than at other events.

Erica Ramos, Staff Genetic Counsellor, Illumina, Inc.

Innovative approach of the Festival makes it a unique venue rich with learning opportunities and networking.

Mehul Shah, Inova Translational Medicine Institute

A new and engaging way to bring people together from all disciplines and fields to solve the big problems for health and disease.

Birgitt Schuele, The Parkinson’s Institute

FOG Boston is a well organized and compact 2 day meeting where you can listen in to experts in cutting edge technologies as well as learn from keynotes or panel discussions involving luminaries in the field of genomics. It is mixed in with talks from industry, so you can learn how genomic data is being used to help us understand biology in many different contexts. It's a great meeting to step back, look at the forest of genomics again, and connect with industry and academic genomic data scientists.


I have heard great things about the festival and its collaborative and community spirit, so I’m very happy to participate and have the opportunity to interact with fellow scientists and clinicians.

John Lamb, Director of Genetics, The Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation

This is an interesting and important event.

Zsolt Böcskei, Group Leader, Translational Medicine Informatics, Sanofi

As always, it was a great festival: excellent sessions with speakers at the forefront of research, and a perfect opportunity to network.

Renata Kabiljo, Senior Research Fellow in Bioinformatics, University College London

In one word, the Festival of Genomics was excellent. Speakers, presentations and time slots (timing) were all excellent. I’ve enjoyed, appreciated and got value from my Festival experience both face- to-face (2020) and virtual (2021). Thank you very very much!!!

Basak Celtikci, Assistant Professor, Hacettepe University Hospital

It was really great opportunity for me to attend the Festival of Genomics and Biodata. The one annual event that everyone in genomics needs to attend. Thank you!

Lakshmi Sunkara, , Veterinary Molecular Microbiologist, Clemson University

Participating in the FoG event has been an enriching experience on multiple levels. Not only does the conference provide a platform to gain valuable insights from leading experts in genomics and cutting-edge data science, but it also serves as an excellent opportunity for networking and collaboration. FoG elevates knowledge through expert presentations and fosters a vibrant community where ideas are exchanged, relationships are forged, and a collaborative spirit thrives. The combination of intellectual stimulation and the chance to connect with colleagues makes FoG an invaluable event in fostering both personal and professional growth.

Isabela Malta, Wellcome Connecting Science

The Woodstock of Genomics, the Lollapalooza of Bioinformatics

Paul Agapow Director GSK

An event that no biomedical researcher should miss. Super interesting talks from which you learn a lot. You have the opportunity to establish contact with other groups and companies that can help you in your daily work; from that, new ideas could be born on how to help patients.

Estefanía García, Investigador posdoctoral Fundación MEDINA

A must attend conference about genomics, on both new technologies and research sides. Thank you very much for having organized this event and keep doing it in future!

Francesco Gualdi, Pre-Doctoral, Pompeu Fabra University

I am a clinical geneticist practicing in the US and this was my first Festival. I found it absolutely informative, useful and inspiring. It helped me to understand how to better communicate with my colleagues and scientists and I fully endorse it. Furthermore, the value gained can help to develop new partnerships, research programs and clinical services.

Paul Psychogios, Chief of Genetics, Dayton Children’s Hospital

It is pretty evident that the Festival is the most forward-thinking genetics/genomics festival out there and I am incredibly excited to share ideas with such a tremendous list of presenters and attendees.

Ted Goldstein, Research Associate, Center for Biomolecular Science & Engineering, UC Santa Cruz

Thank you for organising a fantastic event!

Aino Järvelin, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Oxford University

I greatly appreciated the presence of many great expert speakers both from industry and academia, presenting cutting-edge science and their opinions on a broad range of subjects. Enlightening!

Marc Creus, Group Leader, University of Basel

It is one of the best modelled conferences that I have attended to date in terms of knowledge sharing and openness to collaborate


Last year’s attendee list included many people I admire in the field and I look forward to interacting with them all at this year’s event.

Mark dePristo, Head of Deep Learning for Genetics and Genomics, Google Brain Team

The festival presents a great opportunity for the scientific community and enthusiasts to discuss the state-of-the-art in genomics, the role of data science in biology and the significant role data-driven genomics will have in personalized healthcare in the near future.

Anshul Kundaje, Assistant Professor, Stanford University

Thank you to the whole team for this phenomenal conference. I’ve been attending every year since its start and it has never failed to make me feel proud for belonging to the genomics community

Mary Alikian, Principal Clinical Scientist, West Midlands Regional Genetics Laboratory

This is my 4th Festival of Genomics and as always I am amazed by the quality.

Malwina Prater, Bioinformatician, University of Cambridge

It was seamless from a presenter’s standpoint.

Stephen Kingsmore, President/CEO, Rady's Children's Institute For Genomics Medicine

The festival exceeded my expectation this year in terms of content, volume and opportunity. It really showed the power of hard work and collaboration in the genomics space, especially in data management and knowledge sharing. The fruits of this labour were demonstrated in terms of real world patient benefits in the clinical and in influencing drug R & D programmes in the Pharmaceutical industry. I look forwards to next year's event. 

Anna Lobley, Ex Associate Director Biological Data Science Exscientia

This is one of the most inspiring conferences I have been to. Most of the talks are intriguing and offer unique insights.


These last four days were packed with the most relevant and current topics for a broad audience interested in keeping up with the latest in genomics and its clinical implementation. I learned a lot and look forward to the next event!

Samantha Hasenleithner, Researcher, Medical University of Graz

For me, it was like a much-awaited shower of fresh information and deep insights! I was quite impressed by the all the areas of genomics it tried to bring together – exciting new research, progress on cutting-edge industry techniques, perspective from the medical staff, patient involvement, integration of research into interpretation and care, how to find a start-up and seek support and funding...all of it. For me it added so much context to what I do as a bioinformatician and excited me a lot about the future. It feels good to be in such a rapidly progressing field!

Nishita Thota, Bioinformatician, Genomics England

A great event, filled with detailed cutting-edge research out-put and great speakers, offering a unique balance between bench to bedside research and industrial applications.

Isatou Sarr, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

…Honestly, I attend lots of meetings, but I haven't been nearly as enthusiastic as for the Festival of Genomics. What a sophisticated, but yet refreshing and sleek approach..

Alina Khromykh Inova Translational Medicine Institute

The festival can foster bringing likeminded people together in a relaxed yet stimulating atmosphere. Focusing on interactions via panel discussions, highlighting interests and experience will likely lead to new collaborative efforts. My particular interest is to expand my network of colleagues and support new engagements in drug and diagnostic developments routed in personalized medicine. 

Felix W. Frueh, Executive Partner, Opus Three LLC

I am honored to be a part of the Festival of Genomics, to help bring the clinical benefits of genomics and proteomics to patients and to advance the awareness and development of “omics” diagnostics and prognostics to improve healthcare for millions of patients worldwide.

Rhonda Rhyne, President, Prevencio

FOG continues to define the genomic landscape of UK and the world. Is a pin on the map that enables me to track the tech advancements in this space. And of course catch up with all my friends!

Kate Witowska, Strategic Partnership Director, Genomics England