Roundtable Discussions

Roundtable Discussions at The Festival of Genomics & Biodata will provide the perfect setting to discuss your own challenges, gather new information and share experiences with and learn from others in the field.

If you would like to participate in any of the roundtable discussions, please register your interest using the form below as soon as possible as places in the roundtable discussions are limited.

Genomic Medicine in Underserved Populations

4:20pm - 5:50pm on Wednesday October 4th

  • The social, cultural, and ethical factors that influence the implementation of genomic medicine in underserved populations.
  • Strategies for addressing health disparities in genomic medicine, including access, affordability, and education.
  • Ethical considerations related to the inclusion of diverse populations in genomic research, including informed consent and community engagement.
  • Collaborative approaches involving interdisciplinary research, community partnerships, and policy advocacy to promote equitable access to genomic medicine.
  • The impact of genomic medicine in underserved communities.

Confirmed Participants:

  • Katherine Blizinsky, Director of Policy, All of Us Research Programme, NIH
  • Timothy Rebbeck, Vincent L. Gregory Professor of Cancer Prevention, Harvard, T.H. Chan School Of Public Health
  • Monica Wojcik, Attending Neonatologist and Clinical Geneticist, Boston Children's Hospital
  • Rick Kittles, Senior Vice President for Research, Morehouse School of Medicine

CRISPR and Gene Editing

2.20 - 3.50pm on Wednesday October 4th

  • Latest advancements in gene editing technologies, including CRISPR-Cas9, base editing, and prime editing.
  • Applications of gene editing technologies in basic research, disease modelling, and therapeutic interventions.
  • Ethical considerations related to gene editing, including concerns about off-target effects, unintended consequences, and responsible use.
  • Regulatory landscape and guidelines for gene editing research and clinical applications.
  • Strategies for public engagement, education, and stakeholder involvement in the ethical and responsible development of gene editing technologies.

Confirmed Participants:

  • Shawn Shafer, Senior Director, GSK
  • Peter Quinn, Principal Investigator, Columbia University
  • Kiran Musunuru, Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine and Genetics, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

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