Why attend?

The main goal of the Festival is to build the world’s best and most innovative genomics and biodata event that is also free to attend for most. Why? The more people we bring together to discover solutions, share ideas and make new connections, the more patients ultimately benefit.

Below are some of the different features to help you get the most out of your time at the Festival:

Free for over 90% of attendees

If you work exclusively for a research institution, university, registered charity, pharmaceutical company (with an existing drug pipeline), payor, hospital, clinic or governmental body the Festival is free for you to attend.

Don't miss a thing

At the Festival, everything happens in one room (bar the occasional workshop or theatre), bringing together stakeholders to promote dialogue and learning.

Still, you can only be in one theatre at any time. So, all attendees get digital access to recordings from over 90% of sessions from all theatres, around two weeks after the Festival takes place.

An online Festival community platform

This will help you interact with other attendees, before, during and after the event.

Bringing people together

Breaking down silos by bringing together people from research, clinical, pharma, diagnostics, technology, government, investment and patient organizations.

Packed with excitement

An exciting and engaging Festival show floor, with permanent and pop-up features designed to inspire and energize you. There will be live music and entertainment throughout the event, plus the "Festival at Night."

Beyond genomics

This event offers unique insights and intelligence for those in genomics and related fields. Additionally, it focuses on multi-omics and advances in other omics technologies.

Talkaoke (The ‘Flying Saucer Of Chat’) 

Talkaoke is a fun and interactive pop-up show that offers you the chance to sit down with others and discuss any topic you like. Whether you're in the mood for a casual chat or a heated debate, Talkaoke is the perfect platform to do so. You can get answers to your burning questions or continue conversations that started in the main theatres. It's a great opportunity to connect with others and engage in meaningful discussions.

Round Table Discussions

These discussions provide you with the opportunity to dig deep - to discuss your own ideas or challenges, gather intelligence and meet thought-leaders with a similar focus. More info here.

Speed Networking

Looking to quickly connect with like-minded attendees who share your priorities? Or perhaps you want to broaden your network by meeting people you wouldn't typically encounter at a more focused event with a narrower audience. More info here.

Poster Zone

Stop by the Poster Zone to view the new and exciting research selected for display. An excellent opportunity to discover novel findings, network with your peers and forge new collaborations.

Start-Up Zone

This area is dedicated to innovative start-up companies offering new technologies and ideas. The area is designed to support new entrants, and sessions led by young scientists are also available for attendees.

Career Zone

Looking to hire? Pin your vacancies up on the jobs board for free. Just print out your vacancy and bring it to the Festival with you. Looking for your next move? You might just find it here – you’ll find plenty of job opportunities and, in many cases, the hiring manager will be onsite for you to connect with.

Mystery Speaker...

Stay tuned for the announcement of the mystery speaker!

The Great Debate 

Expert speakers will discuss the most challenging or ethically important decisions in genomics and beyond with audience participation.

Tree of Life Cafe

The central meeting place of the Festival. Grab a snack, lunch or a hot or cold drink and relax with other attendees around communal tables.

Chill Out and Re-Charge Zone

Away from the hustle and bustle of the main Festival areas, these zones are designed to help you relax, chat quietly or catch-up with email using the free Festival WiFi.